"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do." Steve Jobs
I have a Veterinary Assisting Certificate from the Spokane Area Professional-Technical Skills Center. I have a huge soft spot for senior dogs! If your dog needs any oral medication or subcutaneous injections I will accommodate them at no extra charge. Even if they need to be carried from place to place, inside and outside, I don't mind, I just ask for no animals over 60lbs in this instance. You can count on me to look out for the well being of your best friend.
I grew up with dogs in my home and I was always the kid that went over to their friends house to play with their pets. After high school I started working for a family taking care of their dogs, alpacas, goats, sheep, cats, and chickens when they go out of town. My boyfriend and I have three furbabies of our own, Monte (7YR lab), Maple (7MO plott/coon hound), and Ginger (7YR pappillon/chihuahua). . Through the years I've owned and/or cared for dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles, frogs, tortoises, rabbits, parakeets, hedgehogs, rats, rabbits, and conures.
As far as space goes, my boyfriend and I share a decent sized house upstairs and downstairs. There is a fenced back yard with plenty of room to play. We have a doggy door for pooches that are trained with one. Our back yard is partially grass and partially cement which is great for fetch and the cement files their toenails!
Being in Coeur d'alene, there are plenty of places for walking and hiking, as well as swimming. I have always enjoyed being outdoors. To top it off, exercise does the mind and body good. We're a short drive from many beautiful trails, hiking spots, and bodies of water. Less than a half an hour walk to Coeur d'Alene Lake.
I am a lover of all animals, especially dogs, and really enjoy seeing all of their unique personalities!
Your pups will enjoy plenty of attention, cuddles, play time, and exercise.
Walks, hikes, and trips to the dog park are dependent on owner's permission.
I just ask that you are completely honest about your animal so I can provide the best care possible. In my book, there is no such thing as "too much information." Mentionable items would include:
temperament  (agression, fear, anxiety)
Whether or not they get along with other animals
Whether they're house trained/crate trained
If they require any medications (what kind, how often, application)
Any allergies
Unaltered males
Females in heat/pregnant/unaltered
Any behavior reinforcement (ie: if you don't want them on your funiture, we won't confuse them by letting them on ours!).
Favorite Toys
Quirks (digging, particular things they like to chew on, prey drive)
If they don't like to be picked up or anywhere they don't like to be touched

Feel free to contact me with any questions or special requests.

The Residents
  1. Peter
    Supportive, loving boyfriend. Animal lover. Grew up on a farm. Enjoys spending time with the doggies and being part of the hiking, walking, dog park adventures.
  2. Chelsea
    Owner. Loves dogs. All dogs. Big, small, short, tall, young or old, even ones that snore! Or hog the couch. Or the bed. Along with all other animals! Love is a four-legged word after all.
  3. Ginger
    Papillon/Chihuahua. Or cat. Can't tell. Spoiled. Naps on couch all day. Unless there's something to bark at. Sometimes sits in window seal guarding front doorway. Mommy made her go on diet. Now ready for bikini season. Doesn't like anything. Or anyone. Unless they're giving her cuddles or pets. Or noms. Then tries to lick them. Yuck. Enjoys pooping in the neighbor's lawn. But who doesn't.
  4. Monte
    Loves fetch. Will fetch 24/7 or until human's arm falls off. If human's arm falls off, will find stranger willing to throw drool-covered ball. Likes to swim like a fishy. One eyed pirate. Cancer transformed Monte from Labrador Retriever to pirate. Doesn't usually notice other dogs because... ball. Likes car rides. Hops like happy bunny when leash comes out. And when dinner time.
  5. Maple
    Plot/Coon Hound. Believes she is bunny. Hops over everything. Likes to make zoomies with doggy friends. And use them as hurdles. And play wrestle. Hoards toys. All of them. Snacks on poop when no one is looking. Also tries to dig holes to hide Monte's toys. Everything outside of fence is bad because can't play with, must bark to warn of bad. Lap dog, if it fits I sits.