1. Boarding
    *THIS SERVICE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. I APOLOGIZE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE.* Boarding in the sitter's home. Free roam of our house. Rabies vaccine is required. For safety, this is not available to dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs. Any use of crate or kennel is upon owner's request. Pick-up & drop-off times are to be scheduled prior to stay if possible.
  2. Doggy Day Care
    *THIS SERVICE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. I APOLOGIZE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE.* Day care for your pup in the sitter's home. Your pup gets to spend the day hanging out with other dogs, getting cuddles from the sitter, as well as walks/hikes/trips to the dog park dependent on owner's permission. Please schedule pick-up & drop-off times prior to stay.
  3. Dog Walking
    Make sure your fur-baby gets their exercise with daily walks or runs. Another option for owner's who work long hours. Walks are available in 15, 30, and 60 minute increments. Hiking, trips to the lake, and dog parks are also available upon request. Special discounts available for pack walks!
  4. Drop-In Visits
    The purrrfect option for cats, caged animals, and livestock while you're away. Also great for pups that just need an extra potty break/play time during the day or those that don't get along with other dogs who wouldn't do well in a pet resort. Drop in visits can range from 15-60 minutes.
  5. Grooming
    Ouch! Need those nails clipped? Does your house stink of dirty dog? Or do you have a pooch that loves to roll in not-so lovely patches? We can bath. If you don't want plants & critters catching a ride in your dogs fur, or snow balls in the coming winter, let's work on a hair cut.
  6. Pick-Up/Drop-Off
    *BOARDING & DOGGY DAYCARE ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.* Pick-Up and Drop-Off options for boarding and doggy day care are available as well. Additional fee is only $5 each way within a 10 mile radius. 50 cents per additional mile. Free pick-up and drop-off for boarding stays of 5+ nights, within a 10 mile radius.